Monday, 16 November 2009

Manish Malhotra collection part 2 - HDIL India Fashion Week 2009

If you saw the first photos I posted from the Manish Malhotra show at HDIL India Fashion Week you may have thought that all there was to show was very short tops and lonf flowing skirts! Well that wasn't the case, and in fact there were some really interesting outfits mixed in too, take a look:

Firstly, what do you think if this ensemble? The first few times I looked at this photo I my attention was instantly drawn to the off-the-shoulder slouchy top (which I thinks looks really good) and I didn't even notice the lampshade shaped skirt! It really does look like an old piece of furniture to me, and do you see the bit of the floor that fell off??

I like the pearl fronted outfit above, with it's half-length sheer sleeves.
Ok enough of skirts, the show had some trouser/pajama suits too:

These last two outfits are probably my favourites, I think they're both really wearable and normal people like you and me could get away with wearing these and look gorgeous! I like the assymetry of the peach coloured suit, it makes me think of a toned-down greek goddess type of look, and the last outfit has more of a formal look to it, it's very elegant.

Click here to see more photos from the show at Hamara Photos


  1. Wow....
    Awsome outfit gallery.
    I like it.


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