Sunday, 15 November 2009

More from HDIL India Fashion Week 2009 - Manish Malhotra collection part 1

Here are some more photos from the HDIL India Fashion week, courtesy of Hamara Photos, these outfits are by designer Manish Malhotra. This first set of outfits had a lot of stomach on show!

There was a wide mix of textures and colours, although never too much of anything, for example the pink velvet top above sits perfectly with the neutral colours of the skirt...and for those that aren't content to just show off their perfectly toned stomach, the outfit above has an almost concealed slit in the skirt for anyone who wants to show off their legs too! see below

I really like the use of colour with these next outfits, particularly the way that they're bright in most parts but subtle at the same time. People often describe asian fashion as "dressing up like a christmas tree" but these outfits have that colour and sparkle without being over the top.

I really have no idea what's going on with the top of this next outfit! Is it a big shredded fabric scarf? or is it actually part of the top? Either way I don't think it looks very good at all!

I'll be posting more photos from this show soon, but if you really can't wait to see more check out ALL the photos from the show including all the Bollywood celebs who attended.

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