Saturday, 9 January 2010

Asian Fashion Fusion - Maria B collection

Pakistani designer Maria B was another of the top names which took part on the Asian Fashion Fusion event on the 5th December in London. Many thanks to Shahid Malik Studio for the photos.

There was a very distinct colour theme to the first few outfits, and the strong combination of red, black and white made a big statement!

This dress above really stood out to me, it's very elegant, although not sure how it would look on our non-model bodies!!
I really liked the two jacket outfits below too, with their damask-style patterns and I think the addition of gold into the colour scheme really works well. If I attended lots of fabulous parties I'd snap these up in a second...but alas I don't have any events glamourous enough for outfits like these!

The show concluded with some of Maria B's most popular bridal outfits, at least I think they must be popular because I've seen these dresses more than a few times before on the catwalk and even after all this time they still make me think "wow"!

I really love these last two outfits, the first outfit has all the hallmarks of your traditional red-with-gold-embroidery wedding lehnga, until you reach the bottom of the skirt and that bridal red seamlessly blends into orange and then there's the addition of the pink underskirt's just beautiful!
As for the blue outfit, well it may look pretty standard in the photo, but I actually got the chance to try this outfit on some 2 years ago! I was blown away by all the little detailing, like the hints of pink in the embroidery, the sheer parts of the top and the "bobbles" on the dupatta. If I had had a designer budget for my wedding outfit, the chances are I would have had a customised version made of one of these!


  1. I love the red top and skirt wedding outfit with the splashing of orange and fuchsia on the bottom of the skirt.

    Usually I would think that these colours together could make the outfit look too much however this works fantastically.

  2. yeh I agree, I love the red wedding outfit with the suprise splash of colours at the bottom!

    Hey, are you going to be covering the Asian Bride show at Wembley Stadium later this month??


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