Sunday, 31 January 2010

Birmingham Asiana Bridal Show 2010 - Harkirans

Harkirans closed the fashion show at the 2010 Birmingham Asiana Bridal Show, they also dressed the host of the show none other than Asiana Magazine editor Anisha Vasani. As far as I can remember, her outfit was the only sari to grace the catwalk that day, which doesn't really say very much for showing a variety of different outfits!

I'm not a fan of that particular shade of blue, but I think it suits her and I do like the bead/pearl work

Now onto the real show outfits:

I'm a big fan of the cream/green colour combination but not liking the embroidery at the bottom of the skirt so much. The red and grey colour scheme is quite unique, not something you see every day.

I like the embroidery on this blue outfit. I can't quite figure out if the top is sleeveless and worn with a matching bolero jacket but I think it looks good either way.

I'm not liking the big flowery design on the outfit below though, and what's with the second layer at the top of the skirt...maybe my photos just didn't catch what it should have looked like?!

Unfortunately I didn't get any good photos of the show finale which included some western-style dresses, Harkirans have however uploaded some photos to their facebook fanpage which you see by clicking here.

So that was all from the Birmingham Asiana Bridal Show 2010. The London Asiana show is taking place this weekend and promises to be bigger and better, I won't be attending but if I come across any photos from the catwalk show I'll definitely post them for all to see!

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  1. One thing I have to say about these, including the ones I don't like, is that they all are very different from each other, and their unique features show up in the pictures, which means that they will do well in photos. My fave is the red and grey and gold one. Very contemporary colours in that one.


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