Sunday 24 January 2010

Ziggi Studio at the Asiana Bridal Show 2010 in Birmingham

Ziggi Studio were the main menswear designer showcasing their collection at the Asiana Bridal show last weekend in Birmingham. Now most asian wedding exhibitions throw in a bit of menswear into their catwalk shows as a token gesture (and it largely goes unnoticed compared to all the bridal outfits!) but this collection really stood out and made a statement!

I got the chance to speak to Ziggi himself to find out more about this collection and where the inspiration came from for these regal outfits. After creating two modern contemporary sherwani collections which could be worn with jeans (Jaz Dhami wore a Ziggi Studio sherwani in his "Theke Wali" music video), they decided to take a different direction and design a collection of more traditional sherwanis for all the lucky grooms to be out there!

These two outfits were the real stand-out pieces, both modelled by the 2010 face of Ziggi Studio, who will be appearing in all their ad campaigns.
I really like the subtle detailing, such as the belt on the red outfit, and how if you look a little closer (click on each image to zoom) there's more than one shade of red on the fabric. The pearls and necklaces may be a bit too much for some grooms, but equally there are plenty of guys out there who like their bling!

For grooms that aren't too adventorous with colours there was also an array of gold outfits, with intricate embroidery that looks good from far away and even better up close, all with their own little unique touches like the belts, collar details or pearl buttons on the sleeves.

Ziggi came up with his ideas for this collection during a trip to India in 2005. A fashion student at the time, he was inspired by ladieswear designer Kiran Khan and became very interested in the looks and style of the Mughal era. Of course this was a long time before films like Jodhaa Akbar came out and made that style fashionable again. So when the time came for him to launch his first collection, he put those ideas on hold (until now) and went for something modern instead, so that his work didn't get lost in all the movie imitations.

This outfit I found quite interesting. Some might say it was boring in comparison to all the full on embroidery and shininess, but I like a designer who shows they can cater to different people's needs. I'd say this outfit would suit a more easy going type of groom who wants to look good but doesn't want to be weighed down too much.

This outfit was my favourite, I'm just amazed by the effect the silver design on the gold fabric.

Ziggi Studio opened their first retail store this week in Birmingham (you can find them on the first floor, 223 Ladypool Road), previously their collections were only available to private clients. Prices started from £400 for the sherwanis and £80 for kurta tops. Before launching his range of menswear Ziggi worked as a stylist and photographer for Asiana Magazine so as well as getting a sherwani the chances are you can also get some tips on how to style the groom-to-be for the big day...and if you ask really nicely, maybe even some tips for styling the-bride-to be too! but before you ask - Ziggi Studio don't do ladieswear!!

What did you think of the outfits?


  1. I was one of the lucky ones to have worked with Ziggi Studio behind the scenes and to have seen his collection on the catwalk up and close.
    It was a showcase of designs which definetly reflected
    the New Modern Man of Today, keeping tradition and contempory styles in mind.
    The collection, the choreography, the overall show kept the audience captivated...never wanted it to end.
    Congrats Ziggi Studio

  2. hay ziggy! these garments are amazing..its been ages anyone has created such styled outfits there just great keep it up...can't wait to see the next collection...
    im loving the gold flocked fabric its unique..

  3. great stuff....

  4. Amazing sherwani's keep up the good work

  5. I have never seen a beautiful mans jacket like the jade green one..this is *breathtaking* :-)

  6. wow: great to see such a variety and creativity, i'm glad thier are real designers that are comming into the mainstream asian bridal market. ziggi collection is bold, stylish and appeals to a modern independent man that does not want to look the typical ordinary groom. great work. also seen your add in asiana bridal magazine and they do stand out. love the maharaja theme. great work ziggi.


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