Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Imani Studio - The 2010 Asian Bride Wedding Exhibition at Wembley Stadium

Imani Studio were another one of the exhibitors at the 2010 Asian Bride Show, held at Wembley Stadium. I reviewed their Manchester store waaay back in 2008 (click here to check it out) and was impressed with their collection of Pakistani designerwear. They're still going strong and have added to their appeal by getting designers such as Maria B and HSY to make in-store appearances and individual customer consultations. I'd say they're a must-visit for any UK bride looking for a designer outfit without having to go to Pakistan to get it!

Having said all that, although the collection they had on show was pretty, for me there wasn't one standout "wow" outfit. What do you think?

Many thanks to Hiten Ondhia from Cupid Studio for the photos.


  1. I actually really love the gharara in picture number two. And i've noticed that they have longer tops for the lenghas on bargello as well, is that coming back in?

  2. clothes are nice but the fitting is waaaay out on most of them.

  3. for some reason, to me all the outfits/designs look like they are from the 90s. not sure if that was the look they were going for.

  4. The look is from the 90's, because most of the stock that they sell here is OLD STUFF from Pakistan, that they couldn't give away in Pakistan any more.
    For the extortionate price tags, you would be better off going Pakistan yourself, and getting the up-to-date couture, and still have change for a couple of samosas.

  5. anonymous (24/9/10) everyone always says you're better off going to Pakistan yourself but for a lot of brit-asians unless you know the right people it can be a nightmare trying to find what you're looking for, not to mention getting the time off work to go etc.
    Some people just want the whole process to be as hassle-free as possible and if that means paying a company like Imani Studio to liaise with designers and arrange all the details such as shipping whilst you can get on with organising the rest of your wedding, needless to say it's something a lot of people will pay extra for!

    I'm going to a charity fashion show in conjunction with Imani Studio this evening - I'll report back to let you know if it's "old stuff" :)


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