Monday, 15 February 2010

Kiran Khan and Mongas at the London Asiana Bridal Show 2010

I've finally managed to get some snaps from the London Asiana Bridal Show 2010, courtesy of Jay P Photography. Here's a selection of outfits by Kiran Khan and the very popular Mongas in London.

Kiran Khan

This is the first time I've seen black on a bridal show catwalk since the Sana Designerwear outfit at the 2008 Asiana Wedding show. Back then, I was sceptical that a bride would ever wear black, but I really like this Kiran Khan outfit! The pink top keeps it bright and even though it's not a conventional colour combination, the styling of the outfit has a very traditional feel to it. I don't think everybody could carry off this type of outfit but I'm sure there are plenty of brides out there looking for a real stand-out dress and this is it for me!

I really loved these last outfits too, because the embroidery seems quite minimal, and it's the rich fabric choices which make them sparkle.


Now these were full on embroidered all-over bridal outfits from Mongas. I especially liked the red outfit in the centre of this last photo because of the red and white design at the top of the skirt - it's little details like that which set these outfits apart from your usual same-embroidery-all-over type of wedding lehngas.


  1. how come i cant see anything on mongas website? how you supposed to enquire about thier lenghas?

  2. call 02085744863

  3. Tacky? Care to be a little more specific about which outfit or what particular feature you find tacky?

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  5. Whatever you, do NOT buy anything from Monga's. Don’t be fooled. They are plain cr@p. I was told my bridal lehnga will be ready by the end of January 2011 for sure but they asked until 10th February 2011 just to be on the safe side. I had to chase them up after this date and they said the order will be late but they will enquire from India an update us. They never had the courtesy to do that and I had to call and chase this up myself again and had to actually visit their Southall branch. I was told that the person who took our order was on emergency leave so her orders were 'stuck' and not being dealt with properly. At the moment I have only received the lehnga and the veil but am told the top is still tuck; I suppose those two will be enough for the wedding in their eyes. To make it worse, the lehnga has not been made with the specific modifications we requested despite these being written on the order and us being told it will all be done. In nutshell, the worst service you can ever imagine. Save yourself the hassle. They are the worst and you will live to regret. I have a flight on the 17th and no sign of a top for that lehnga. Their solution of returning the money does not make for the month and a half they have eaten up and I don’t now have the time to shop around. They are disgusting and should be avoided until their business runs into the round! Hopefully soon :)AVOID THESE INCOMPETENT LOSERS LIKE THE PLAGUE!!!!

  6. With regards to the tacky comment, the pink and black lenga, is actually pink and a very dark aborigine colour its not black. It looks stunning on the model but when I saw it in the exabition it realy did look tacky

  7. All these ppl in the UK rip you off especially the big desgn shops. EVERYBODY SAVE urself the hassle and go shop abroad or buy stuff that is already made in the shops...asians are just such let downs and a dam sight unprofessional...what makes me laugh is there prices.

  8. "All these ppl in the UK rip you off especially the big desgn shops."

    I think that's a little unfair to say ALL asian fashion stores in the UK are rip-offs! Particularly for working women, finding the time to go abroad to do wedding shopping can be impossible and being able to buy from the UK can save you a lot of time and hassle. Yes there are horror stories of outfits gone wrong, but there are also a lot of very satisfied customers.

  9. Monga's have made over 12 outfits for me in 5 years, each one to my exact requirements and always within the period promised. On top of that if the fitting needs adjusting they do this very quickly. I've never had any problems with them and love their clothes - but for those of you that have I am very surprised but never the less sympathise with you! Big stores shouldn't make promises they cannot deliver!

    A very satisfied customer!


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