Friday, 5 February 2010

Krishna Sarees - The 2010 Asian Bride Wedding Exhibition at Wembley Stadium

My recent posts have largely been about the Asiana Magazine's wedding exhibitions, but rivals Asian Woman Magazine and Asian Bride have also been busy organising their own wedding shows in London and Birmingham (but not Manchester! I'm still annoyed that their Manchester Wedding Exhibition was cancelled last year without much of an explanation).

Their London exhibition, held at Wembley Stadium, went ahead as planned this year and although I didn't attend I've found some photos from the catwalk show courtesy of photographer Hiten Ondhia from Cupid Studio.

This is the collection by Krishna Sarees

I don't really see anything spectacular about their bridal lehngas, sure they're pretty but there's nothing unique or special looking about them.
As for the two partywear/wedding guest pajama suits in pink and red, I'm really not liking the tops! In my opinion they highlight the chest in a bad way!

I didn't really like these two pink bridal outfits either. The pink, gold and green colour scheme on the first outfit just isn't to my taste, and I think the sari looks a bit bland/boring - one colour sari fabric, one colour embroidery and the same pattern nearly all over!

These two outfits were slightly more interesting than all the rest, if I had to pick favourites it'd be these two.

If you want to see a video of this part of the show, here's a link. I'll be posting more photos from the catwalk soon, but for some insights into what the rest of the exhibition was like (and the afterparty) check out Khiraki's blog.

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