Thursday 25 March 2010

The B4U Asian Mela 2010

The Asian Mela 2010 hits london next weekend on the 3rd and 4th April. The event promises to be an inspiration for anyone planning a wedding with exhibitors from the fashion industry, catering trade, travel and much more...and for those who aren't planning a wedding there promises to be lots of entertainment with live music and performances.

I'll be attending the show so look out for my catwalk report in the future! Visit the Asian Mela 2010 website for more info and to buy tickets.

Tuesday 23 March 2010

Read Asiana Magazine for free online for a limited time

***UPDATE*** The free online version of the magazine is available again via the site - click here for more details

Asiana Magazine is going online! For a limited time only they have converted their Spring 2010 Edition into digital format for all to view.
I'm not sure how long the online version of the mag will be available, but they're asking for feedback so it looks like this could be something they're going to introduce for all their issues in the future.

Click here to view it now

My personal thoughts on this online format are that it's great for looking at the pictures but in terms of reading the articles, I'd much prefer my paper copy and flick through without having all my other online distractions!
In terms of the usability I find it's easy to navigate with the sidebar and the search facility is very good - picking up even the tiny text which shows things like photos credits. I also like that any web links and email addresses are clickable so you can visit a website they've listed or send them an email in one click.

ZFS Collection at The Asian Bride Show Birmingham 2010

Here are some more photos from last month's Asian Bride Exhbition in Birmingham. These striking and bold outfits are by ZFS Collection. Many thanks to Hiten Ondhia from Cupid Studio for the photos.

They had a mixture of styles from outfits with very long tops (as above) to saris.

They most striking outfits were the sharara's which they paired with both longer tops and shorter tops. Personally I think these look best with a longer top.

ZFS also do childrenswear, and they included this is their show too.

Sunday 21 March 2010

Highlights from the Shaadi Chic fashion show 2010

The Shaadi Chic fashion show took place at the East Winter Garden in London last month, boasting an impressive list of designers for the brides and grooms-to-be out there, and for fashion followers in general!

A full set of photos from this event is due to be posted by their media sponsor Your Dream Shaadi but here's a sneak preview from the catwalk:


SF Collection


A full set of photos from their catwalk is available to view now on the Laukika website

Arinder Bhullar

Jack Michael


Kyles Collection

Henna artist Pavan
Pavan has posted some more catwalk photos and some from backstage too on her facebook group

Wednesday 17 March 2010

Badials at The Asian Bride Show Birmingham 2010

Birmingham based Badials were another one of the exhibitors at the 2010 Birmingham Asian Bride Show. They had a range of menswear, bridal outfits and churidar suits. Here's the collection, photo credits go to Hiten Ondhia from Cupid Studio.

I liked the churidar suits, but I found these last two bridal outfits a bit uninspiring!

Badials are one of the few asian clothing retailers who have an online store. As far as I can see, none of the outfits from this fashion show are available online yet, and all their bridalwear and groomswear is only available in store, but their website is worth a look to get an idea on prices.

Tuesday 16 March 2010

Preeya Kalidas at the 2010 UK AMA's - how to recycle a sari!

Last week the UK Asian Music Awards took place in London, if you want to know who won what then you've come to the wrong place! (head over to the bbc asian network for a list of winners and other event info) I'm more interested in the clothes and fashion :)
It was interesting to see that the majority of female attendees, such as Best Female Winner Amar, Sophie Choudry, and singer Jaya opted for western-wear.

I was pleased to see that there was at least SOME asian fashion at an asian music awards event, Eastender's actress Priya Kalidas wore this very pretty pink and gold outfit. I love the matching gloves/sleeves and glitter henna decoration on her face.
I was very interested to find out who designed this outfit for her, and in my research I came across some other recent photos of Preeya at her Eastenders leaving party wearing a similar design of outfit, but in a different colour:

According to Preeya's twitter page her Eastenders party outfit was made from one of her mum's old saris, so I can only assume her AMA's outfit was originally a sari too!

What do you think of Preeya's outfits? Have they given you some inspiration for recycling some old outfits?

Highlights from the AMA's are going to be available to watch via the BBC's red button from the 17th March onwards click here for more info.

Zoya Birmingham at The Asian Bride Show Birmingham 2010

Another exhibitor at the Birmingham Asian Bride Show 2010 was Zoya Birmingham. Here's their catwalk collection:

Their show was dominated by dresses in striking vibrant colours, and although some of them seemed a little bit over the top, like the first blue dress above with that big crazy tie-dye looking skirt, overall I liked the designs. My favourite is this green floaty dress above.

They also had some trouser/pajama suits and some more bridal-style lehngas:

Many thanks to Hiten Ondhia from Cupid Studio for the photos.

Monday 15 March 2010

Kiran Khan at The Asian Bride Show Birmingham 2010

The Birmingham Asian Bride wedding exhibition took place at the ICC and from what I've seen of the catwalk show, it looked a lot better than the London Asian Bride Show! There seemed to be a lot more variety in the outfits on the catwalk show and a lot more designers.
Did you attend this event? What did you think of the exhibition and catwalk show?

Kiran Khan was one of the exhibitors at this event, and here's the collection they put in the fashion show. Many thanks to Hiten Ondhia from Cupid Studio for the photos.

They had a range of menswear and ladieswear, all in these pastel and pearly shades. I really like these last two ghararas, especially the one with the pearl detail on the front. I like that these outfits manage to look very dressy and could be worn by a bride, without having to be in a shocking bright colour or fully embroidered.

There were hints of other colours in the collection and I like the way these were done too:

Friday 12 March 2010

More highlights from 2010 PFDC Sunsilk Pakistani Fashion Week

With so many designers (32 in total) and hundreds of photos, I couldn't post ALL of the shows from the 2010 PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week, and thanks to the extensive coverage of this event by dedicated Pakistani fashion site Fashion Central, I don't really have to! But here are some outfits which I thought were interesting...for good reasons and bad. Links to view the full collections are included.

Shaiyanne Malik
I'm liking the hot pink in these two outfits, view the rest of the collection here.

Hajra Hayat
This collection was all about bronze, gold, mustard, yellow and orange tones, click here for a closer look.

Click here to view the rest of the Karma collection

Sarah Salman
Too many ruffles? I do like the shoes though, they remind of this pair available in the UK from Faith. Click here for the rest of the Sarah Salman collection.

Click here to view the rest of the Nayna collection

Rehana Saigol
Click here to view more from Rehana Saigol.

Nida Azwer
Click here to view the rest of Nida Azwer's collection.

Nickie Nina
There were some crazy headdresses in their show, click here to view more

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