Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Help for brides - doing your own bridal make-up

I wrote an article way back in 2007 debating whether or not brides should do their own make-up on their wedding day (click here to take a look). My main reason for writing it was because my sister had a terrible experience with a make-up artist, and even though her bridal make-up trial had run very smoothly, the artist failed to deliver the same results on the wedding day!
Although unprofessionalism from their make-up artist is still something I'm sure all brides get anxious about, another major issue when it comes to make-up artists is the cost. Recession/Credit Crunch/Whatever you want to call it has meant that there are loads of brides out there working with a tight budget.

If you're considering cutting out the make-up artist and doing it yourself I've come across a great site offering video tutorials for a variety of asian bridal looks. Glamface.co.uk is run by Naila, a professional make-up artist and self confessed beauty and make-up addict! She has a range of easy-to-follow tutorials from bollywood inspired bridal looks to more fashionable party make-up.

Here's one of the tutorials, showing how to achieve a red and gold bridal look in the style of Rani Mukherjee from the film Baabul.

If you're still not quite confident in your own make-up skills to ditch the artist, Glamface also has an article on tips for choosing a make-up artist, and how to get the most out of your make-up trial.

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