Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Preeya Kalidas at the 2010 UK AMA's - how to recycle a sari!

Last week the UK Asian Music Awards took place in London, if you want to know who won what then you've come to the wrong place! (head over to the bbc asian network for a list of winners and other event info) I'm more interested in the clothes and fashion :)
It was interesting to see that the majority of female attendees, such as Best Female Winner Amar, Sophie Choudry, and singer Jaya opted for western-wear.

I was pleased to see that there was at least SOME asian fashion at an asian music awards event, Eastender's actress Priya Kalidas wore this very pretty pink and gold outfit. I love the matching gloves/sleeves and glitter henna decoration on her face.
I was very interested to find out who designed this outfit for her, and in my research I came across some other recent photos of Preeya at her Eastenders leaving party wearing a similar design of outfit, but in a different colour:

According to Preeya's twitter page her Eastenders party outfit was made from one of her mum's old saris, so I can only assume her AMA's outfit was originally a sari too!

What do you think of Preeya's outfits? Have they given you some inspiration for recycling some old outfits?

Highlights from the AMA's are going to be available to watch via the BBC's red button from the 17th March onwards click here for more info.

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  1. I love recycling old clothing and have started to wear a lot of my mums old clothes from the sixties. Now I have a mother-in-law too I plan to recycle her sari's too! Its a great idea as the sari will always remain a classic :)


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