Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Read Asiana Magazine for free online for a limited time

***UPDATE*** The free online version of the magazine is available again via the asiana.tv site - click here for more details

Asiana Magazine is going online! For a limited time only they have converted their Spring 2010 Edition into digital format for all to view.
I'm not sure how long the online version of the mag will be available, but they're asking for feedback so it looks like this could be something they're going to introduce for all their issues in the future.

Click here to view it now

My personal thoughts on this online format are that it's great for looking at the pictures but in terms of reading the articles, I'd much prefer my paper copy and flick through without having all my other online distractions!
In terms of the usability I find it's easy to navigate with the sidebar and the search facility is very good - picking up even the tiny text which shows things like photos credits. I also like that any web links and email addresses are clickable so you can visit a website they've listed or send them an email in one click.


  1. Thanks for sharing the online edition. It is a must read on my list.

  2. living in canada, i really miss the brit-asian magazines, so I had to check this out. I loved it because at least I got to see it, but if I had a choice between buying the print edition, and the online one, i'd definitely go for the print one. i agree with you, i like flipping through it without all the other online distractions.


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