Saturday, 10 April 2010

Ekta Solanki at the ASIANA Bachelors Search Party - London 2010

Asiana Magazine is on the search for their 2010 top 50 Bachelors and are holding events in London, Birmingham and Manchester. The London event has already taken place, and as part of the entertainment they had a fashion show with designs by Ekta Solanki.
Here's some photos from the event, courtesy of

The collection was composed of these very pretty party/cocktail dresses, which are a vast difference to the fully embroidered asian bridalwear by Ekta Solanki which were on show at the Asiana Bridal Fashion Show. However judging by some of the slits in the sides of these, I think a lot of these dresses can be worn with a matching churidar pajama, but I think they look just as good as dresses and fitted in with the tone of the event.

Here's the designer herself (in the centre at the back) with all the models.

The next stop of the Bachelor search is Manchester on Saturday 17th April and then on to Birmingham on the Saturday 1st May. I'm still undecided about whether or not to attend the Manchester event, but if you're going there's a 50% chance I'll be there :) Visit for more event info.


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