Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Gul's Style Collection (part 1) at the B4U Asian Mela 2010

I was really looking forward to attending the B4U Asian Mela, which took place in London over the bank holiday weekend...but I got struck down with flu and had to give it a miss :( I'm feeling much better now though and have found some photos from the fashion show which I can share with you. Credits for the photos go to Alisha Mohamed.

Did anyone attend this event? Was it busy? and more importantly did you enjoy it? Leave a comment and let us know!

Here's the first part of the collection by Gul's Style:

I like the idea of this dress, but think they went a little too over the top with the skirt. I think it would have looked so much better without the train. I loved the touch of red in the bouquet!

The rest of their collection were your more traditional asian outfits, as opposed to the east-west combination wedding gowns that they started off with.

I'll be posting the rest from Gul's Style later on this week, as well as catwalk photos from Jaan at Punjaab Textiles, RDC, and Ziggi Studio.


  1. I like the dress with the tulle skirt but without the brown sash..nice pics!!


  2. This shop is in front of my road! It has beautiful stuff, the work on the clothes is absolutely breathtaking, and the clothes are really unique, real one-off pieces. Costly or course, but stunning!

  3. i was so excited to finally get to go to guls style, after seeing his collection at an asian bridal fashion show and seeing him on tv ...
    and was extremely disappointed after meeting Gul. my aunty bought a suit..whilst persuadig us to buy it he said rest assured it would fit and he'd do all the alternations neccessary. but more alterations were neccessary after the first one was not right...
    he was extremely rude about it, kept saying that he'd knocked two hundred pounds off the suit and it should have been more..(even though we didnt bargain with him, it was that price at the begginning!) and just gernerally uninterested, half not there when speaking to you, unless you're spending thousands it seems he just doesnt care about you.
    never going to him for anything again!
    extremely annoyed, felt like just telling him to forget it, and would have if we hadnt paid a large deposit!!

  4. sana---my cousin sister made a bridal with gulsstyle ,his clothes were expensive ,which we really did not mind paying since his creation was soo beautiful ,very good quality ,great finishing and of course the fitting was awesome .i do recommend gulsstyle for bridals if u hv a budget

  5. why dont u post some new pictures of guls styles collection .i was at the fashion show but i dont see all the clothes here


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