Friday, 16 April 2010

Gul's Style Collection (part 2) at the B4U Asian Mela 2010

The second part of Gul's Style fashion show at the B4U Asian Mela had less of a bridal feel to it and the outfits seemed more partywear/eveningwear. If you missed the first part of their catwalk show click here to view.

What do you think of these jacket-type suits worn with trousers or capri pants? They do have a certain elegance about them, but personally I find them a bit too "heavy" looking, with long sleeves and the much long tops, they just don't seem very spring/summery to me. I do love the colours and fabric choice of these last two though.

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  1. Gul's Style is classic yet something I haven't seen before. The long sleeves and longer lines in general may not be to the taste or wallet of most women under 30 but I think he has the pitched perfectly for the professional woman who is marrying a bit later in life (i.e. me) or the woman 30+ who wants something different from the so called "swarovski" disaster we have to suffer now.


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