Friday, 9 April 2010

Jaan at the B4U Asian Mela 2010

Another one of the exhibitors at the B4U Asian Mela was Jaan. A regular advertiser in Asiana Magazine, some of their recent editorials have featured bridal and partywear outfits with a hijab as part of the design.

They decided to showcase their hijab designs further by putting them on the catwalk at the B4U show:

Green and purple was the colour theme for the rest of their fashion show:

The Jaan website looks like it hasn't been updated in the last decade, and they don't seem to have a presence on facebook or twitter. I'd love to know, what do you think of this shop and their collection? leave a comment :)


  1. I love this collection... just goes to show you CAN be covered up and still look beautiful... Sami xx

  2. Great collection but it does not surprise me at all about Jaan, Bubli Malik is a genius when it comes to fashion and really understands his market. He designed my wedding lengha which almost made me cry with joy as he got what I wanted, down to tee- Jaan rocks!

  3. Hi All

    I agree with other readers, this collection looks very trendy, very well designed.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Apna Sarees

  4. the collection is great, but no customer services, travelled from Glasgow to London to look at the bridal collection i got zero customer services the women there was extremely rude so i left and ordered my bridal lengha else where

  5. i have to say Jaans customer service is amazing...jaan has never given me a problem till this day...i have been goin to that shop for many years and so is all my family and friends. the hardwork that bubbly malik puts into it is amazing..he comes up with all these ideas that you would never thing of. he helped me design my wedding outfit. and i have to say it was out of this world. i went every where to have a look first to see what it was that i wanted...i never found anything that i liked also the customer service some shops have are unbelievable especially Mongas. there so rude.. everyone seems to go to them because there CHEAP...but have you seen there quality.. what's the point of spending money when you could only wear that outfit once. where as JAAN I have to say has N0:1 quality. you could of brought an outfit 10 years ago from them and i can grantee it would look the same. the guy Bubbly Malik himself knows what hes doing. he actually sketches everything out infront of you within 2 miutes. no onel else does that weather its southall or green street. JAAN is amazing ...

  6. hi i love it it looks so trendy and modest and the girls look sooo
    beutiful in the hijab

  7. The last outfit is similar to what i have ordered recently (will receive it soon so will update) anyway i cannot fault the service we received so far - it was so busy because of Eid shopping yet we were provided a personal service by Bubli who went through his on the rack outfits and even sale items when what we wanted to have made couldnt be possible within our budgets. He wasn't snobish or felt like he was wasting time trying to help us find something when he had assistants to do that and he even asked one of his sales assistants to personally help us in the changing rooms. He provided a lot of advice and was very humble and put you at ease.

    Overall so far i'm impressed with the comfort factor and personal service provided and think if you know you will need to change a design or want a bespoke outfit made then to make an appointment.

    i think the best complimnet you can give someone is that based on what i have seen so far i would definitly without hesitation have my wedding outfit made by bubli (lets hope this review doesnt change after i get my outfit lol)

  8. I found a gorgeous lengha for my wedding in jaan. After speaking to the sales advisor and enquiring over the phone i travelled 6 hrs to get there so i could place my order. When i got there they decided the price they quoted wasn't correct and quoted me a price £800 more than what i was told! The staff were incredibly rude and didnt have the time of day for anyone. Customers were walking out of the store as they wern't being attended to. I still would have gone ahead with ordering the lengha but staff couldn't be bothered to sit down and go through details with me. I decided to go to Monga's instead and bought my 3 bridal pieces from there aswell as men's sherwanis. Much better customer service and value for money. They took the time out to listen to what i wanted and then showed me the perfect outfits!


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