Friday, 23 April 2010

Saris at Wills Indian Fashion Week 2010

Wills Indian Fashion Week took place at the end of March this year and featured a range of India's top designers showcasing their creations. There was so much on show, from the special guest bollywood actresses on the catwalk, to the weird and wonderful outfits themselves. You can find photos from all the shows at and here are some stand-out saris:

These two print-saris above are from the Mynah by Renu Tandon collection, now we've all seen black and white print saris, but it's the houndstooth blouse print that really makes these stand out for me, and then in the black it's paired with a zebra-print-esque bordered sari. This combination really shouldn't work, but it doesn't look hideous and I think both of these outfits are very interesting!

Sari by Pallavi Mohan

Sari by Joy Mitra

I love the metallic look to this sari by Puja Arya

This sari by Gaurav Gupta is without a doubt my favourite, the whole look is just so chic, although perhaps a bit over the top with all the arm/shoulder detailing? I wonder how the sari is pinned to the models arm so it's almost like a floaty sleeve...if someone can enlighten me as to how this is styled I'd love to know!

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