Sunday, 9 May 2010

The Asiana Elite Bride Show highlights video

Readers of Asiana and Asiana Wedding may have spotted adverts in the magazine for an event called "The Elite Bride Show". With tickets costing £300 per couple, it's safe to say this was more than your usual wedding show!
The official website for this event was full of blurb about luxury and exclusivity:

"The elite bride is happy to spend a significant sum to ensure she has the best of everything. From her all-important wedding dress, jewellery and make-up, to her choice of venue, catering and photography"

"The marketing of this event will be through direct communication with families on our High Net Worth database..."

As someone who planned my wedding on a budget, I was actually a little disgusted with the whole elite concept of it all, it seemed to me like Asiana and their wedding partners/suppliers were getting greedy and overtly chasing the money. As an Asiana reader I felt a little annoyed that this "exclusive" event was thrown in my face in the magazine and on their website, and I wonder what percentage of Asiana's readership fall into the "high net worth" category???

But then I tried to look at it from another point of view and realised that there must have been a demand for this event, after all, these rich individuals still have weddings to plan and if they've got the money to spend then Asiana and their suppliers might as well help them spend it!

I'd love to know other people's thoughts on this event and the concept - leave a comment below!

All the elitism aside, the fashion show at this event looked spectacular! Featuring designers such as Raishma, Kyles, Vanshik, O'nitaa (by Anjana Bhargav and Nickie-Nina), Amrapali and RCKC (by Neeta Lulla), it took place on a grand staircase at London's Natural History Museum.

Here are some video highlights of the event:

I'm on the lookout for some more photos from the fashion show and will definitely share any I find!!


  1. I too often wonder about these elite wedding shows. I planned my wedding on a budget, and can't imagine that the average wedding in the UK actually costs 50K, as Asiana Wedding says it does.

    But, looking at all the wedding pictures crawling on the net, I'd say there are a lot of brides out there who do spend that much...or more. I've noticed that most asian wedding blogs don't talk about planning on a budget. I think it's the brown mentality that we have to spend as much as possible to show up everyone and their wedding in the last century. And no one does stuff like use old bottles for centrepieces like white people do.


  2. The more is always less in Indian weddings (when it comes to spending the money)..But , i do think that these days people are waking up to the fact that wedding is not the end of the world and they don't need to spend their entire lifetime savings on planning one.

  3. Im Rafyl I was one of the official photographers on the night. I was extremely impressed by the venue and show and so were most the guests regardless of their financial background. It was plush with taste and style. Big shout out to the whole Asiana Team, Contributors & Exhibitors for making this event so good.

    I totally agree with Aaina & and Sovina, the affluent who spend big are of a small percentage from the brit-asian population compared to the average person who no matter what their budget; have to make decisions on where best to spend the money without blowing their life savings.

    I think Asiana always give good advice to people who are on a budget but this show was more for showing the potential of the Asian Fashing/Wedding industry.

    I think it'l be kinda silly to have a 'Pauper' Bride Show but theres no reason why this concept wouldn't work if rebranded in to an event where ALL exhibitors must give a substantial discount from their normal price to help customers. This would work as everyone love discounts.

    If you guys know of any names that will work please comment. I was thinking maybe;

    Asiana Bride Show Extra?

    by the way if this idea is knicked lol you know where you heard it first!


  4. I was one of the male models on the show and having worked on numerous fashion shows around the world, there is a difference with the Asian fashion scene.

    Usually, in the UK, Asian fashion shows tend to be entertainment and border line 'Fashion Shows'!

    Find me someone who has ever purchased a product from the usual Bride shows?
    This isn't to say that a) nobody ever hasn't made a purchase or b) the public are to blame, as many of the Asian fashion shows are choreographed way too much and involve dancers and touches of Bollywood.

    As a designer, I would be asking, "does this increase my sales?" and the answer is more than likely, NO!

    Therefore, in my opinion, having this ELITE show meant a guarantee! A guarantee to designers that they WOULD have a noteable sales increase, with a serious fashion show!


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