Sunday, 23 May 2010

Saha Couture at the Britannia Asian Wedding Fayre in Manchester

Last weekend, Sachas hotel in Manchester city centre hosted the 2010 Britannia Asian Wedding Fayre. Amongst the exhibitors were north-west based Saha Couture, they're a company who've come to my attention recently because of their use of facebook as an advertising and networking platform.

After their slot on the catwalk, they bravely ventured into the city centre for an impromptu photoshoot! When I came across this set of photos in one of their facebook albums I thought it was a nice way to bring their clothes to a wider audience, here are the results:

Did anybody see this photoshoot taking place? What did you think?
For more information about Saha Couture or to make an appointment to view their collection, visit their facebook group.


  1. hey the impromptu shoot was done by monir ali, and the results can be seen @

  2. Hey :)

    I'm slightly confused about this brand because a lot of their dresses I've seen on the site For example, their facebook group main profile pic is also sold here:

    Does this just mean that they're both from the same suppliers? If I were to ask for a dress would it be stitched in India (as does) then sent to me? I know it sounds silly but I was looking for something really unique and was going to place an order on for the above dress but was horrified to see that a UK based store also sells it! lol!

  3. Hi Khadija

    Yes a lot of indian run websites sell designs same as us. We are based in manchester and can supply you these at very competitive prices. Join us on facebook under SAHA COUTURE and see for yourself what we do.



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