Saturday, 26 June 2010

The Asiana Magazine Top 50 Bachelors for 2010

The Asiana team travelled across the UK (to London, Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds) in search of the top 50 asian bachelors for their 2010 list (you may remember I previously posted photos from the fashion show at the london event which featured designer Ekta Solanki.

The final 50 who made the cut are now available to view in the latest issue of Asiana and online for you to vote for here.

Where are these bachelors from?
I have to say I was really pleased that Asiana extended their search beyond London this year, as I'd noticed most of their previous bachelors were all from the south of England and in particular the London area.

I was looking forward to seeing a few more northern bachelors in their list this year, but sadly I was disappointed when I saw the actual list! I did the maths and 33 of the 50 bachelors - 66% were from London and the surrounding areas. There were 2 bachelors from Nottingham, 2 from Manchester, 4 from Birmingham, 4 international bachelors and a few others from locations which my knowledge of UK geography can't quite place!

I attended the Manchester event, and there certainly wasn't a lack of bachelors there! I've also seen photos from the birmingham event which was equally as full! So I'm very surprised there's only a handful of northern bachelors in there and not a single Scottish or Welsh bachelor in sight!

What do these bachelors do?
I thought it was really funny that there was only 1 dentist, 1 doctor and 1 accountant in the list! Aren't single asian people in these professions heavily in demand?? And where are all the solicitors and barristers? None of those in the list either!! Maybe there aren't many single asian guys in these professions left cause they get snapped up so quickly...or perhaps I'm just buying into an old stereotype!

The most common occupation was "actor" with 5 included in the list, followed by "musicians" and "entrepreneurs" with are 4 each of those.

How old are these bachelors?
My calculator tells me that the average age was 24.86 years old, with the youngest bachelor being 19 year old artist/songwriter Staz Nair and the oldest being 41 year old Holby City actor Hari Dhillon.

Who am I voting for???
I voted for two bachelors, purely for the reason that I've met both of these guys in person!
My first vote goes to Javed Laher who I met at the Manchester bachelor search event. He was very nice to talk to and didn't mind nattering away to a married woman like me when there were clearly A LOT of other pretty single women in the room.
My second vote goes to Taff Rafiq who I've met very briefly through my contacts with Ziggi Studio. He features on this Ziggi Studio promo video if you want to see more!

I'd love to know who you're voting for and why, and does anybody know what the bachelor with the most votes actually wins?? Leave a comment with your thoughts :)


  1. hey nazma, i remember in an older issue of asiana a reader wrote in to complain that a lot of the guys on the list made it clear that they were not the commitment type. she griped that with guys like that on the list, girls don't stand a chance of making a catch.

    skimming over this year's list, it seems they picked a lot of the "i just want to settle down and make babies" type.

    the real thing, or just a pick up line? hmmm...

  2. Hi :) great blog I've just discovered it!! I know the bachelor who won (Junaid Shaheen) and I have to say he really isn't the commitment type at all :/ oh how everyone has been taken in by him :/

  3. :*Looking through the indivdual bachelors..I would have liked Favid to win, he seems very genuine and nice, unlike some of the other guys, he seemed to understand what a relationship consists of and he seemed mature.I liked the fact that he said, that he would present a poem as an unusual gift, I think that's very sweet.*: =)

  4. :*I got the name wrong...i meant Fayid*:

  5. i found it an absolute disgrace. there are guys on there who are like 20 give fake ages, fake profiles, fake cars everything. they dont even look like their picture. the nirmal guy is a well known player as well who is a sleaze and a cheat and putting him in this just helps him in his game

  6. RE "i found it an absolute disgrace..."

    I did hear a few complaints from some of the guys themselves saying they'd been mis-quoted and their answers completely made up!

  7. I also know the winner and agree with the previous statement. Everyone has been fooled by his charms, he's not the greatest guy he makes himself out to be. Beware girls! You might be one of the victims who have fallen for it.

  8. I'd like to say that Mr Asiana, Junaid Shaheen is NOT how he has made himself out to be. I met him at several events, know him personally and completely agree with the other two comments...ladies beware

  9. I also know Junaid, at first he is nice but then he changed, completely agree with the other comments!!!

  10. Those of you hate junaid are jealous of his success and looks you should all stop hating, he is a nice guy with a great personality

  11. Wooaah some of these girls need to chill out!!
    Just because Junaid may not give them the attention they want doesn't mean you can bad mouth him!

  12. Ajay Rajawat should have won!


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