Monday, 14 June 2010

Instore Review - Bees on Green Street

Last year, I reviewed the Bees London online shop and was impressed at their ability to take their instore offering and create an easy-to-use, nice looking online shopping website (you can read the review here).

A few weeks ago I was in London and as I found myself on Green Street, I decided to visit the Bees store to see what they had on offer and to review the in-store shopping experience!

The first thing that strikes you about the shop when you walk in, is the wall of bracelets! They have almost every single colour imaginable and even though their shop is full of all types of jewellery, the bracelets remain their most popular product. The Bees staff are trained to mix and match up bracelets to any outfit, because we all know it's rare you'll find an asian outfit in a single block colour!
I have been told that if you're going on a weekend, go as early as possible because the shop does get very busy and don't forget to take your outfit to get a perfect colour match!

Aside from the bracelets, you can also find a big range of other jewellery including necklace and earring sets, such as the Kundan-style set above which features in the upcoming Bees Summer 2010 catalogue. If you like a set from the store but want to make some changes, Bees do offer a customisation service which will take around 4 weeks.

Other key items which will be included in the new catalogue are these bejewelled hairclips and keyrings/charms.

As I mentioned in my review of their online store, I think Bees prices are really reasonable. The products are good quality and they come packaged beautifully.

After viewing all their pretty pieces I couldn't leave empty handed, so bought myself a cocktail ring similar to this one for £5.99 and this brooch with blue stones as a gift.

Have you shopped at Bees recently? Leave a comment and let us all know how it was for you!

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  1. Thanks for this post, we really need more reputable shops that maintain both a good real-world presence and a consistent online store front.



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