Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Night of Hope 2010 Charity Event - fashion show photos

Last friday, London held host to the Night of Hope 2010 charity event and fashion show. The show featured outfits by: Gul's Style, Saiqa Nasar Majid and Ziggi Studio amongst others. I didn't attend myself, but my good friends at Ziggi Studio have kindly let me post some of their photos from the event!!

This isn't the first time I've seen these Ziggi Studio t-shirts, I don't believe they're for sale but I think they're a good way to promote the brand at events like this!

These four outfits above are from the Saiqa Nasar Majeed collection. Both the black outfits seem a bit too plain for my tastes, but I do like this last outfit with a hint of pink outfit - I'm impressed that I managed to find it on the Saiqa website, but think it looks much better on the model than it does on their site!

The two outfits above are by Gul's Style, their part of the show also included some of the designs they had on the B4U Asian Mela catwalk.

I have no idea which designers the rest of these outfits were by, if anyone can fill in the missing information please leave a comment to let us all know!

These last 3 outfits are my favourites, all very elegant and even though they are embroidered, they have that flow-y light look to them.

A final thanks to Ziggi Studio, who have been nominated for an International Asian Fashion Award or IAFA, for use of these photos. Good luck to them at the awards ceremony on the 9th July!


  1. I just spoke to someone at Ziggi Studio and the last outfit is by a Pakistan designer called Assan and he doesn't stock here in the annoying but what an amazing dress

  2. I believe the Ahsan Nazir collection is available in the UK from Sanah Fashion Studio:


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