Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Shop Review - are an online asian fashion retailer who ship their garments worldwide. Don't be fooled by their name into thinking they only do saris, as they also have a salwar kameez suits and lehngas in their online store.

I got the chance to sample some of their products and this is my review! I'll be honest I was a little unsure about what to expect, I've never ordered an asian outfit from abroad before via a website.

I was given a form to fill in with my measurements to ensure my sari blouse was just the right fit. The form itself was quite detailed and that left me with some confidence that I would get the right size. Sure enough when my sari arrived, the blouse was a perfect fit. As an alternative to filling in the measurement form, you can also send in one of your sari blouses for fit.

Delivery & Packaging:
The outfit was sent by courier and arrived a lot sooner than I expected - around a week after putting in my order. The sari was packaged in a sturdy cardboard box which prevented any damage which could have occured in transit

Overall I was impressed with the quality of my garmet, sometimes you can't be sure when ordering online whether the fabric will be a good quality, but I had no problems with my order.

You can view the prices US Dollars, Euros, Indian Rupees but at the moment no prices in GBP - but you can easily find an online currency convertor.

Has anyone else shopped here? What was your experience like and were you happy with your outfits?


  1. hey, i havent ordered off this site, but i have ordered off utsav, i bought my mums saree from there a couple of xmas's ago, and its a very similar process to you give the measurments n they fitting is just right :) also your right how the delivery is quite soon! i do reccomend these sites, because they have a range of outfits, differnt designs and to match any budget.

  2. I love the second dress in this post. The colours are lovely, and the dress looks really sensual and nice and flowing. It has really inspired me, and I'm thinking of writing an article about asian inspired fashion next on my blog :)

  3. I ordered a salwar from Sareez, and I was very pleased with the fitting and quality.

  4. I ordered 8 outfits from Sareez. The outfits were poorly done except one outfit which was done well. The people sent outfits that smelt like a barn so I washed them. The outfits were sown too tight and I asked for them to fix them. I have waited 3 weeks and they have not even answered e-mail. $408 USD waisted.

  5. Thank you for sharing your feedback. We regret for the inconvenience caused

    But from the above details we are m not able to locate your order no.

    As a Grievance Redressal Manager i assure you that this issue will be resolved either by a full refund or a best possible
    mutual amicable solution for this issue

    Please email us at - or reply to this comment with your order id , your issue will be resolved in next 48 hrs


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