Saturday, 17 July 2010

The Asiana Elite Bride Show - Menswear designer Vanshik

Here's the first set of photos from the Asiana Elite Bride Show, I've already expressed my opinions on the whole "eliteness" of the show, so let's get straight onto the outfits! A big thanks to Ziggi Studio for use of these photos :)

I thought I'd start with india-based menswear designer Vanshik. There were two distinct looks to their collection, a dark "smouldering" look with shorter jackets and just a slight hint of colour, and then your more traditional groom sherwanis in light whites.

I like the rich textures of the fabric, like this shiny dark red jacket. Also loving the addition of the bright coloured waistcoat in the second pic below:

Now onto the more traditional groomswear, which although is the traditional "look" these are by no means ordinary looking. Vanshik do custom tailoring and you can tell these have been well-made:

For more details on where you can get this collection in the UK, get in touch with Ziggi Studio who will be able to assist :)

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