Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Onitaa at Asiana Elite Bride Show

Designerwear retailer O'nitaa showcased collections by Pakistani designers Nickie Nina and Anjana Bhargav. Photo credits go to Ziggi Studio

Nickie Nina:

It was all about long flowing layers with these outfits, as is the current trend in Pakistan. I liked how they used traditional shades of red mixed with blues and purples in the first two outfits, almost like a modern twist on the usual bridal look.

Anjana Bhargav

They provided a real infusion of colour with the Anjana Bhargav collection and these outfits instantly pop-out at you with their shimmering shades of gold.

Onitaa are based in London and recently won the award for "Boutique of the Year" at the International Asian Fashion Awards. Look out for photos from that event coming soon on!


  1. Hi

    The following jewellery was by our online Indian Jewellery company. Please contact Indian Jewellery Store if you like any of our products above:

    * Large kundan bridal set (Nickie Nina collection), including jhoomer (which sadly can't be seen in photo).
    *Anjana Bhargav Collection: All jewellery by IJS:
    - Gold plated polki bridal set;
    - Silver American Diamond bridal set (set includes earrings but model didn't have piered ears);
    - Maroon-green gold plated American diamond bridal set (comes with lots more pieces).. this is a take on Jodha Akbar jewellery, for the bride who wants the Jodha Akbar look but does not want the well know set which has been worn by many traditional brides. This is also 22k gold plated.

    Jaz x

  2. thanks for the info Jaz, very interesting to know that one of the models didn't have pierced ears - I would have thought being able to wear earrings would be a must-have for an asian bridal show like this! I know I've never seen a bride who didn't have a pair earrings in her bridal jewellery set.


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