Saturday, 17 July 2010

Raishma at the Asiana Elite Bride Show

London-based Raishma were another of the catwalk exhibitors, shopping for some new rich clients, at the 2010 Asiana Elite Bride Show. Their collection had traditional bridal red shades, but these were a lot more similar to western-style wedding gowns with big dramatic skirts!
Many thanks again to Ziggi Studio for use of these photos.

I do recall many years ago I visited Raishma showroom on Green Street in London, after seeing their designs in Asiana Magazine and Asiana Wedding. Perhaps it was the way I was dressed, or my age at the time but I can say it wasn't a very comfortable browsing experience and I definitely felt a "snooty" vibe in there!!

Having said that, a friend of mine did purchase her wedding lehnga from there was was very pleased with it...I guess like a lot of asian retailers they're only after "serious" customers *note to all shop owners/designers, be nice to all your customers/store visitors cause a first impression can be a lasting impression and that person you made a bad impression on might end up running her own fashion blog one day!

I'd love to hear your experiences with Raishma, leave a comment!


  1. very true. The asian shops that will excel in the future will be the ones that look after ALL their customers.
    We expect good customer service and if we dont get it we will walk.

  2. haven't had any experience with Raishma YET. Will try and get a look when I am next in the UK. However, I have had plenty of experience with vendors who treat me like I am not rich or trendy enough to be in their store. *sigh* not quite sure what to do about it, though.

  3. I purchased all my wedding outfits from Raishma. As soon as we arrived in the store we were given a personalised service, of excellence and dedication.

    Raishma's created the most beautifully designed dresses for me. making my wedding day even more special. I live 200 miles away and my sister and I are l aready planning on ordering outfits for our brothers wedding.

    Now that I've experienced the style,briiliance and attention to detail at Raishma's I will not shop anywhere else!!


  4. My daughter had her wedding dress made at Raishma. It is the most magnificent, beautiful dress with superb craftmanship. I cannot find the words to express our satisfaction with Sharon who helped us every step of the way most graciously and good natured as she is eased our worries completely. When the final result was shown to us and tried on by my daughter I can say there was never a more beautiful dress! I had my mother of the bride dress made at the same time and it is absolutely gorgeous. The embroidery on both dresses is superb and very beautiful. Sharon made sure that the fit was perfect for both of us. I am a client from Canada and I can say I have rarely had such attentive service. Sharon of Raishma is both knowledgeable and courteous and friendly and bent over backward to be sure we were pleased. Thank you Sharon, Thank you Raishma. Anyone who gets there gown from you will be extremely happy and pleased. Marilyn

  5. Raishma made my wedding dress seven years ago and the whole experience was wonderful with personalised service from start to finish - from choosing the style and colour, bespoke design to the final fittings. The dress was beautiful! What makes Raishma's dresses stand out so much is the exquisite embroidery and quality of finish. Since my wedding I have gone back every time I need an evening outfit and Raishma has always created something special and different for every occassion!

  6. After seeing Raishma and her fabulous designs at the Elite Bridal Show in London, I knew a visit to her bridal showroom was a must!
    One of the most exciting moments of my wedding-planning was choosing THE dress!
    I had my heart set on designing an original couture bridal gown with an intricately embroidered veil. I wanted a classic, timeless, elegant style that would really make a statement using deep colours and rich textures.
    I had a strong sense of what I wanted, but needed someone to be able to interpret the design and who I could trust to deliver exquisite quality and beautiful couture to bring my dream dress to life....and that is exactly what I found with Raishma's Bridal Couture.
    I was overwhelmed at Sharan's ability to cut and tailor the dress so perfectly, she was fantastic to work with and has the patience of a Saint! She made the entire experience exciting with her fabulous enthusiasm!
    My dress was stunning and amazing, it was truly beautiful. Every single guest at the wedding commented on how breathtaking the dress looked!
    I'm so glad I chose Raishma to make my dress and would recommend her and Sharan to all brides looking for eastern, western or a fusion of stlyes for their wedding dress, as these ladies can do them all...exceptionally well!
    So thank you both so much. Love Arti x

  7. All I can say is that I am NOT happy with their service and attitude to customers.
    Myself along with both my sisters and mother all placed orders with Raishma - or shall I say Sharon - as Raishma the shop owner, only met me once throughout the whole process.
    After initially thinking I had made a good choice, upon my 1st fitting - i was left less than excited. Ok so some of the dress looked good, but there were key issues that had not been addressed. After a month of aggitation and stress, I was told my re-worked dress was due to arrive. 3 weeks later and 5 appointments cancelled due to "the dress isn;t back from India yet" excuses I finally got my dress.

    The customer service at this place SUCKS. Not once did i receive an apology or any phone call about the delay. Instead I had to keep chasing and calling up. Every time I called I was given no solid reason for the mistakes and delays. On top of that they messed my sister's dress up and refused to accept that it was their fault. And once again, no call or discussion with Raishma!!! How on earth can a manager of a shop refuse to talk to their own customers? Customers who are paying for a "couture" service, and at the end of the day, paying their wages?!!!
    If you go for a bad meal, the restaurant would apologise and either reduce the bill or make some amends - why can't the same apply here?

    In general Indian shops lack customer service - but this one was appalling.

    DO NOT use this shop - Raishma calls herself a designer? You'd be lucky to even see her in the shop and talk to you!!!


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