Sunday, 18 July 2010

Wedding TV Asia's Asian Wedding Designers series - watch it online now!

Wedding TV Asia is one of the Sky channels available in the UK which you might not have come across, nestled around the 200s (channel 267 to be specific) in between a whole load of other random channels, it's understandable that you might have missed it!

I tune in every once in a while and some of their shows are really insightful and I can imagine they'd be useful for any bride-to-be who needs planning help. One program in particular which caught my attention was the show "The Asian Wedding Designers" which is a 20-minute-long focus on a specific asian bridalwear/groomswear designer! I've just discovered that episodes of this show are available to watch online so here's links for you and a summary of each!

HSY via Imani Studio episode - Pakistani designer HSY talks about his collection from the comfort of UK based HSY stockist Imani Studio. I don't know about you, but for me I find it interesting to see/hear how the "big name" designers talk about their collections. For example, I didn't expect that American accent of his!

RCS episode - menswear specialist RCS feature in this episode and talk through what a customer can expect from their store.

Mani Kohli's Khoobsurat Collection episode - Mani Kohli herself talks about her beginnings in fashion, does a little bit of name-dropping and walks us through her pristine looking London store!

Charmi Creations episode - Charmi talks about the inspirations behind her bespoke range of designs. (I like the fusion style green gown 18 minutes in)

[this video isn't available to view online anymore] Kiran Khan episode - Kiran Khan shows us her design studio in Burton-on-Trent and explains her vision for brides.


  1. This is fab! Just saw the episode with Kiran Khan's boutique...very interesting channel.

  2. you haave forgot the empisode bout anand fashions prob the best one

  3. I haven't seen the Anand Fashions episode - if you have a link to the online version let me know and I'll add it :)
    I've just spotted a few other new episodes on the Asian Wedding TV site so look out for a new blog post with links to those too.

    Also...has anyone else noticed that Wedding TV Asia has disappeared from their Sky channels??


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