Thursday, 5 August 2010

AKA Creative Studios open day in Manchester - a behind the scenes look at their photo studio

Last weekend AKA Creative Studios opened up their photo studio in Manchester to the public and were offering a behind the scenes look as they shot a jewellery campaign and up-and-coming girlband Skyrah Kane. You may have already seen some of their work as the man behind the lens, Amir Shah has previously shot the fashion campaign below for Imani Studio which featured in Asian Woman Magazine:

As someone who pores over the amazing fashion images in the magazines, I jumped at the chance to visit the studio and see firsthand what goes on behind the scenes...and maybe even to brush up on my own photography skills!

I arrived at the studio mid-way through the Skyrah Kane shoot and watched as the girls posed for some group shots. The girls were naturals and knew exactly what they were doing with Amir offering direction throughout.

Skyrah Kane looking through Amir's sketches and ideas

During a brief backdrop change, I asked Amir how he works with less experienced new/aspiring models who are looking to get photos for their portfolios. He said he likes to start off with a meeting to break the ice and talk through what the model wants to get out of the shots. He then starts his creative process for the shoot by drawing sketches of his ideas and essentially treats the shoot like a design project. Once the main idea/concept is in place the rest is all down to planning and Amir says being organised and prepared in terms of lighting, wardrobe, accessories really helps the model get the most out of their photo session.

It's not just all about the planning though, and I saw firsthand some improvisation in the shoot when Amir suggested using a clothing rail, which had the girl's next outfits on, as a prop in the shoot. My cynical other half raised his eyebrows at this point, but I waited to see and sure enough they made it work!

You can view more of the behind the scenes photos from the AKA Creative Studios open days (including a photo of me if you look hard enough!) by visiting their Facebook page, it's also worth checking out Amir Shah's photography website to see more of his work.

A big thanks to Amir, Ron and Skyrah Kane for letting me sit in on their photo session!

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