Sunday, 1 August 2010

Arinder Bhullar wins Best Wedding Collection Designer at the IAFA awards

It's no surprise that I'm a fan of Arinder Bhullar, I did get my wedding outfit from there after all, so I was pleased to see that they won the award for Best Wedding Collection Designer at this years International Asian Fashion Awards.

Here's some of the outfits from the catwalk show at the IAFA awards ceremony:

I personally like Arinder Bhullar's collections because they tend to be more about styling and creating a shape rather than the traditional complete head-to-toe embroidery.

Photo credits go to Rafyl & Ziggi Studio.


  1. no offence but most of these deisgners have more ego than designs.

  2. thanks for your comment :) I agree there are a lot of big egos, but in most cases I think their designs are still beautiful

  3. hey, yh there designs are good, only some but most are just the same old, repetative, and just swovoski crystal overload. yes some of these deisgners are pure talent, but rest they are just luck they have label which sells, because many of there designs are just bland and no offence tacky

    sorry i know im harsh but it is true!

  4. don't be sorry, glad to have your opinion :)


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