Saturday, 7 August 2010

Arnab Sengupta double winner at the 2010 IAFA Awards

My final post on the 2010 IAFA Awards is all about Arnab Sengupta, a designer who won not one, but two awards at the event. He took the titles of Best Female Fashion Designer and Best Fashion Accessories.

I'll be honest I've not come across his designs before (or maybe I have, and I just didn't know they were his) but I was really blown away by the collection he displayed at the IAFA event ceremony. He describes himself (on his twitter page) as "A Designer with a mission to popularize folk elements from India in the world of fashion"

I can definitely see the folk elements in all these outfits, although these first two outfits aren't my favourites. I like the jackets but the skirt and what looks like overexaggerated velvet harem pants are a little too over the top for my tastes.

I like the styling of some of the outfits with geek chic glasses, very different to the rest of the prim proper pretty bridal looks seen on this same catwalk!

Ok so you've looked through these pictures, and I'm guessing the clothes were so striking that you didn't even pay attention to the accessories (well, at least I didn't first time I saw these photos), so take another look at the handbags and scarves (worn around their heads)

What do you think? Could you see yourself working this modern take on indian folk elements look?

For anyone that's interested in further info, this collection is available in the UK at O'nitaa (winner of the "boutique of the year" award the IAFAs). Many thanks to Rafyl and Ziggi Studio for use of these photos.

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