Friday, 20 August 2010

Ayesha Ibrahim at the Pakistan Fashion Extravaganza 2010 in London

Here's the striking Ayesha Ibrahim collection, which appeared on the catwalk at the 2010 Pakistan Fashion Extravaganza London.

I could desrcibe this collection in just four words: red, black, beige, prints. But fours words just isn't enough to go into all the detail of these outfits. From afar (when I was viewing the thumbnails of the images) I'd give them all a thumbs up for hitting the flowing trend and looking pretty, but up close and in the details there's some design features which won't be to everyone's taste! Look out for my comments below each outfit:

This outfit on the whole I like (could it perhaps be the fact that the model carries if off well). Look a little closer though and you'll spot a giant bobble/tassel like the type you find on the end of cushions/curtains! Personally I don't think it really belongs there!

Where to start with this outfit?? A full drapey sheer sleeve on one side, and just a strap on the other, and if the umbrella-like structure of the skirt wasn't a statement enough, they decided to cover it in ruffles! I really am at a loss as to who this outfit is aimed at? Do you know anyone who would wear this??

The giant bobble/tassel accessories make another appearance here :)

If we ignore the crazy styling of the jewellery across her face for a moment, the beige dress worn underneath actually looks like it could be very pretty, but that jacket with what looks a bit like pink fur on the collars really puts me off!

This is another one which if I ignore certain parts of it, I could live with. Notice the seemingly random placement of the embroidery on the top, notice the solid gold part which to my untrained eye looks a bit like fish scales? Oh yeah, and fringing on the sleeves. Basically I only like this from the waist down.

Compared to the other outfits, I don't have too many problems with these last four!
Which is your favourite? or least favourite?!

Many thanks to photographer Shahid Malik for use of these photos.


  1. this blog sucks. ayesha ibrahim is an amazing designer and your little comments were stupid and made no sense. just because you can't pull off these outfits, doesn't mean you have to give a bad review to it.

  2. thanks for your thoughts! Would love to see some "real" people in these outfits, if you have any links, please share!


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