Thursday, 19 August 2010

Gul's Style Collection at the 2010 Pakistan Fashion Extravaganza

The ever elegant-looking designs by Gul's Style were on show at the 2010 London Pakistan Fashion Extravaganza, which took place earlier on this year. A lot of their outfits have already been posted when I covered the B4U Asian Mela, but here are some which I haven't posted before:

Many thanks to photographer Shahid Malik for use of these photos.


  1. Wow, the detailing on these outfits is very exquisite!!! I think they're a lot better than the ones that you posted from the B4U Mela...

  2. Hi there,
    where can we buy Gul's style collections and others designers collections in the UK or web site pls. This web-site is good for information but it would be better if the readers know where to buy the clothes from on the designs we like so to picture. hope to c this change soon tnx xx

  3. Hi, Gul's Style are located in London at the following:

    154 Ilford Lane,
    IG1 2LQ

    With regards to some of the other designers, I don't always have contact details for their suppliers in the UK but I'll definitely try my best to include the info (if available) in any future blog posts :)


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