Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Harra Fashion at Bollywood comes to Bolton Market Place fashion show

Hara Fashion were another one of the designers who had a slot on the catwalk show at the Bollywood comes to Bolton Market Place event.

I'm not entirely sure where they're based, but judging by the "01204" phone number they had displayed onscreen with their collection I'd guess that they're based in Bolton. If anyone can provide further info do leave a comment!

I really like the colour of this harem-pants style outfit, but I'm not too keen on the puffy sleeves that go with the top. As the voluminous shalwar stands out so much I think the less volume up top the better, like the corset style tops Mongas had with their genie outfits at the 2008 Mela at the Mall fashion show.

Many thanks to Matthew Liu for use of these photos.


  1. hello i wanna but this green dress!!culd any1 help me plzz

  2. hi where can you purchase something like the green outfit (harem bottoms one) thank u :)

  3. Go to Amaras in Bolton on Derby Street or visit their website www.amaras-online.co.uk they have all the latest designs and fashion trends.


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