Sunday, 15 August 2010

Neha by Ahmad Bilal at the Pakistan Fashion Extravaganza 2010

Neha by Ahmad Bilal also showcased their collection at the 2010 Pakistan Fashion Extravaganza, which took place in London.

There was definitely more of a western feel to their outfits which mostly comprised of long flowing gowns

I can see this green and yellow outfit being perfect for a mehndi.

In the past I've said I'm not a fan of the long flowing gown-style outfits, however when the outfits are more like maxi dresses and the pants (if any!) are concealed I find these a lot more appealing.

Many thanks to photographer Shahid Malik for use of these photos.


  1. Nazma, I was skeptical too when my friend came back from pakistan and told me long dresses were back in. I'm not sure if it's a good look for someone short like me.

    This is waaaaaaay prettier. My heart jumped when I saw these. I love them all! I want to blog about this but I promised myself no blog posts except for the scheduled ones until after eid! Oh well, it's not like i'm gonna forget these gorgeous designs.


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