Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Nickie Nina at the Pakistan Fashion Extravaganza 2010 in London

Here's the collection by Nickie Nina which was showcased at the 2010 Pakistan Fashion Extravaganza, they had a mixture of outfits including saris, churidar suits and some of the heavily embroidered bridal outfits as seen at this year's Asiana Elite Bride Show

Many thanks to photographer Shahid Malik for use of these photos


  1. mehreen is very good

  2. Love the outfits, any idea where I could buy them from? Preferably somewhere in the UK...The Nickie Nina website is rather useless and in high need for updating :/

  3. Hi MQ
    In the UK Nickie Nina is available from O'nitaa in London, and at Imani Studio in Manchester.


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