Friday, 13 August 2010

ZeFaith at Bollywood comes to Bolton Market Place fashion show

Bolton's very own Ze'Faith is the final designer I'm posting from the Bollywood comes to Bolton fashion show, held at the Market Place shopping centre.

There was something a little different and unique about these designs compared to the usual style of outfits you tend to find:

I like the idea of this lehnga, but I'm not such a big fan of the lace look on the skirt.

These last two outfits are my favourites, maybe it's because I've been looking for a gown/dress style outfit myself (haven't found the perfect one least not at the right price!).

This display of outfits would be enough to get me to visit their store, has anyone shopped with them before? Is there customer service good and did you find their prices reasonable? Leave a comment below :)


  1. Hi you have got to go there is like the home to fashion. i've been a massive fashion lover and this place makes all my dreams come true. customer service is really gud.

  2. Customer service is crap! The workers are okay and as helpful as they can be but the owners rude, arrogant and abusive! Wouldn't advise people to go to the shop unless it was their last resort!

  3. Sorry but I beg to differ to last comment I was a last minute bride and zefaith help me and my family to be kitted within 2 weeks without compromise. The owner was great. I think the last person must have an attitude problem hence the bad service. Luv u zefaith xxxx.

  4. So obvious the " +ve " comment is from the owners themselves ;)
    Shane u don't get truly objective responses !

  5. The first time I heard of Ze Faith was today, as one of the many bridesmaid of a wedding in Summer 13, it's been extremely tough to find an outfit which we can all agree on. ZeFaith have the most amazing selection of clothes, In my opinion there outfits are extremely high fashioned, on trend, of good quality and utter perfection. Not a bad word can be said. Of course each to their own, the prices are high but you are paying for quality and the price can be worked around.
    I would definitely shop here again and recommend to all.


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