Saturday, 4 September 2010 - can the successful magazine become the world's biggest asian portal?

Next week sees the launch of Asiana Magazine's new online portal, Asiana have arguably already conquered the magazine market, but nowadays a stand-alone magazine is no longer adequate and readers want online content too!

Anyone who's ever searched for "asiana" on the internet will of course have come across the existing Asiana Magazine website, the rarely updated There was a time when that site made for interesting reading, they had active user forums and an up-to-date directory, but something obviously went wrong there and now it seems they've opted for a brand new start with

Up and coming asian fashion site AsianFashionOnline.Net has already written a pre-launch review of which wasn't very complimentary.

I personally can't wait to see what they have in store, but I do wonder if they'll be able to keep up with the constant creation of fresh website content, after all it's one thing to publish a quarterly magazine and quite something else to keep a website updated regularly enough for people to come back!

I'm also raising my eyebrows a little at their tagline of "the world's biggest asian portal". If they tried to run an advert making this claim I'm sure they'd get a few complaints/reports to the advertising standards agency because how can they substantiate this? How are they measuring "biggest"? And then there's the word "asian" ok so British Asians generally tend to call themselves "asian" but in other parts of the world the word asian is also used to describe people from Eastern Asian countries such as China and Japan. With the vast populations of these countries surely a site aimed at those asians would be the "biggest"??

I'm mostly looking forward to seeing their fashion coverage and to see who their expert bloggers are, especially as I was asked to blog for them, but still haven't heard anything back from them 4 days before launch!!

Here's my question to you, if is all the it promises to be, will you still go out and buy the magazine?


  1. For me, being in Canada, the fact that they are going to have the magazine online is great news, as it costs me $35 dollars to have it shipped over, which is too expensive, and I hate the internation edition, which doesn't come anywhere close to meeting the UK edition in terms of fashion editorials.

    However, if I'm in the UK in the future, I will most definitely purchase whichever print edition is in stock.

  2. As a previous intern at Asiana, i will always stay loyal to the mag,
    check out my own fashion blog at


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