Friday 17 September 2010

For a limited time only! Free access to Asiana Magazine, Asiana Wedding and Asiana Wedding International

In March this year, Asiana Magazine ran a tester offering a free online copy of their Spring 2010 magazine, I'm not sure how successful their test was (and you can read the pros and cons of the online version of the mag here) but with the launch of their new site they're offering online versions of their latest magazines again!

All you have to do is pop along to Asiana.TV, register your details and you will be able to access for free the following:
- Asiana Summer 2010
- Asiana Wedding Autumn 2010
- Asiana Wedding International Volume 4 Issue 2

I'm not sure how long these mags will be available for, so have a look while you can! Personally I was most interested in seeing the international version of Asiana Wedding, as that's not something people in the UK usually have access to.

Sadly, even though there's great content in the online mags, there isn't much else to the site at the moment. I know for a fact that the Asiana team are working very hard to get the site up and running and I hope to see some more content on there soon!

For anyone that's interested, I ran a poll asking if people would still buy Asiana Magazine once the new portal was up and running. So far, 56% of people said yes, they would still buy the magazine even if they could access the same content online. I suppose there's a lot to be said for flipping through magazine pages compared to staring at a computer screen!


  1. just logged on this and its V Good but would still prefer the paper in my hand.

  2. can i now how many people read this magazine??? plz asap fanx.


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