Saturday, 9 October 2010

Arpan Vohra catwalk collection at Winter 2010 Lakme Fashion Week

Here are some more photos from the Winter 2010 Lakme Fashion Week which took place in India last month. It's the collection by Arpan Vohra, which I thought was a bit hit and miss with some beautiful flattering outfits and other which I can't see any normal woman wearing!

I'm not sure what to make of these three outfits, the nude-all-in-one is VERY bold outfit choice which wouldn't be very forgiving to most normal women's bodies, with the hot pink dress I don't see any shape, and although I like the short pouffy trousers I don't think they work with that top!
I really like the little cut-out jacket that's worn with the shorts outfit on the right - I think that whole look is very chic, but again it's the type of thing which would only really look good on a model or someone with legs that go on forever!

More photos from Winter 2010 Lakme Fashion Week are available on the LFW website

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  1. Yeah, I agree because there's some fantastic outfits and a few horrors thrown in for good measure. It seems that designers can't just keep things sensible and insist on throwing a few outrageous outfits in to get people talking. - It does seem to work though!


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