Friday, 29 October 2010

Ayesha Ibrahim at the Rhythm of Asia Fashion Show London 2010

Ayesha Ibrahim was last seen on showcasing her red and black collection at the Pakistan Fashion Extravaganza (click here to view) I wasn't too complimentary about that collection, but I liked this winter collection showcased at the Rhythm of Asia fashion show much better.

Photo credits go to Shahid Malik Studio.

Just like the her last show was red and black themed, there was a consistent colour theme to this collection too - white with hints of black and gold:

I'm not keen on this polka-dot fringed one-sleeve outfit, I think it would make a very nice shawl perhaps but as a dress I don't think it works!

There's something about these last two outfits that make me think ancient greek goddess (aside from the fact one of them is worn with leggings!) maybe it's the white and gold colours and the way they're quite loose and flowing.
I'm in two minds about this whole collection, on the one hand there's a cohesive theme based on the colour scheme and if you saw one of these outfits worn at a party it would definitley stand out amongst the "safe" black outfits, however when you seen 10 white and gold outfits all together like this you yearn for a hint of colour - at least I do anyway!

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  1. I do like quite a few of these outfits. Though agreed, when you take all of these together, some infusion of colour is most definitely sought.


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