Thursday, 21 October 2010

Elan by Khadijah Shah at the Rhythm of Asia Fashion Show London 2010

The 2010 Rhythm of Asia fashion show took place in London at the start of August. Here is the Elan collection by Khadijah Shah.

Photo credits go to Shahid Malik Studio

The maxi dress type of floor-length gown-style outfits was very much in full swing here, and pretty as these outfits may be, I'm starting to feel like I have seen one too many, especially after looking at the other designer outfits at this show - there was very much more of the same!
What makes a good maxi-style asian outfit? I know I'm terribly behind in the fact that I don't own such a garment but for those of you that do, share your views and words of wisdom!


  1. To answer your question of what makes a good maxi dress, a good fit and in my case good swish factor. Esp for those like myself who are not blessed with barbie style figures. This is a style that suits all body shapes and looks elegant.

  2. some of these are gorgeous, maxi style dresses are heaven sent for hijabis [like me!]...what i'd now like to see is them actually making an appearance on the asian high street!

    u have a great blog btw <3


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