Sunday, 3 October 2010

Maria B final collection at the IFMCH Charity fashion event, Nawaab Manchester

Maria B saved the best for last as she showcased her bridal and wedding-wear collection at the IFMCH (International Foundation for Mother and Child Health) charity fashion show at Nawaab banqueting hall in Manchester last week.

As you'd expect these outfits had much more of a heavier feel, I don't really like this first one, its plus point is that it sparkled from all angles when I saw it in person, but in this photo I think it's just way too much with all the embroidery and different shades, still, I suppose it makes a change from your usual red single-tones outfits!
I love this black outfit above, it's not overdone on the embroidery and I like the way it drapes at the bottom - very chic, and if I had the budget for a designer outfit like this I can think of numerous occassions where this type of outfit would be appropriate to wear.

A big thanks to Chaudhry Javed Iqbal for permission to use these photos and to the photographer Shahzad Yousuf from Photorama.

To find out more about the work that IFMCH do in Pakistan, visit the main International Foundation for Mother and Child Health website or join the IFMCH Facebook page.

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  1. All the garments in this collection seem to be cut away from the body, on a bias. Is that her typical cut, or just a look she's going for this season?


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