Friday, 17 December 2010

Asian Bridal & Lifestyle Exhibition Birmingham more photos from the catwalk

Here are some more photos from the Asian Bridal & Lifestyle Exhibition which took place last month at Aston Villa Football club.

I didn't attend the show, but Rafyl Photography was on hand to take these fab photos and let me post them here :) I'm not 100% sure who all the designers were at this event, despite asking the organisers for a list I'm still none the wiser as to who designed each collection, so if you recognise any of the outfits please leave a comment below!

These three outfits I'm pretty certain are by Kiran's Creations in Birmingham, I can't say the nicest outfits I've seen by this store, but I like the princess/ballgown feel to these outfits:

There were a few more ballgown princess style asian dresses like this one below, which I think it just a little bit too pink!

Now don't quote me on this, but I *think* these next four outfits are by Mimis Boutique (in Birmingham) there's something in the styling which I recognise from the last time I saw a Mimi Boutique collection on the catwalk.
Love the simplicity of these first two outfits, they're not your usual embroidery-everywhere type of suits, but they still look pretty and chic. The two lehngas/skirt suits below however are a little bit too over the top for my tastes, if you want to look like a piece of art on your wedding day then these were designed for you!

Now onto some of your more traditional bridal outfits:
I really like the this last outfit, I think it's the colour combination that does it for me, the different shades of blue in the top and on the skirt...the skimpy top would probably show a little too much stomach for my liking but no doubt you can get this outfit with a full-length top if you preferred!


  1. The models are fat and short where's all the actual Asian models gone? And they make the outfits look frumpy, when there actual beautiful and elegant

  2. Lol - this person obviously has issues with herself. How insecure and unfortunate you are my dear?

    These models are beautiful - and they sell the feature garments with poise and panache. These models are aesthetically gorgeous and I would love to see more of these ladies in general.

    Haters tend to fat and frumpy themselves - or largely uneducated and inbred.

    Excellent collection, wonderful models, vibrant photos. End of.

  3. "Fat and short" you really think so??? I guess you can't always tell from a photo - did you attend the show and see them in person? From what I can see I don't see any problem with the models and regardless of my opinion on the style of the outfits I don't think they look frumpy because of the person wearing them.

  4. Love the Indian outfits there divine! Especially the bridal length maroon one. I tend to agree with some of above models. There not the best but the focus point are the clothes at the day. Not being rude just honest x

  5. they are not all by the same designer- the traditional lengas are as follows:

    1)Magenta & gold with bold gold work- TRADITONS

    2) Deep red/maroon with net dupatta- Not 100% but am pretty sure it is KHUSHBOO

    3)Dark red & gold brocade with purple border on dupatta -KHUSHBOO

    4) Deep purple - KHUSHBOO

    5) Blue net & velvet blouse - TRADITIONS


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