Thursday, 20 January 2011

Bombay Stores catwalk at Asian Bridal and Lifestyle Exhibition Bradford 2011

As promised, here's a more detailed look from the fashion show at the Asian Bridal and Lifestyle Exhibition which took place last weekend at the Hilton in Bradford. A big thanks to Rafyl from Rafyl Photography for allowing me to share these pics with you.

I thought I'd start with Bradford's very own Bombay Stores, who had both bridalwear and casual/party suits to show off, starting with this trio of traditional reds:
I like the middle outfit and the one on the right, but I don't like the top on the left outfit - I feel like it overemphasizes the chest a bit too much for my liking.

I loved the addition of purple into this bridal outfit, it still have that very red bridal feel to it even though the top is purple.

Next up were some full-on purple outfits:
I'm fascinated by the vertical lines style of embroidery on this outfit, and as I recall this embroidery style was also on the back too - I think it looked better as a train compared to how it looks on the front of the lehnga.
After reds and purples come...greens! I loved the shade of these two outfits, they looked so much more vibrant in person and I'd definitely wear something like this first one:

The final bridal look was this interesting multi-layered outfit, definitely different to your normal lehnga - what do you think?

Now onto the casuals, purples were the main colour for this part of the fashion show:

Which were your favourites from Bombay Stores?


  1. i didnt like any of the bridal outfits.
    loved the green colour - looked fresh
    out of the casuals my favourite was the 1st one - purple with gold leggings - take out the leggings and wear with black ones for everyday or leave gold and its good for a party aswell.

  2. I think the layered look was a hot mess!


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