Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Fill your weekends up with Asian Bridal Shows!

The invitations have already started flooding in for this year's Asian Wedding/Asian Bridal exhibitions.

I've already blogged about Asiana Magazine's 2011 Bridal show which I highly recommend and am currently running a competition for you to win tickets to - click here for the competition (you have just two days left to enter though! Competition closes at midnight on Friday 14th January!). However that's not the only wedding exhibition taking place and here's my guide to some of the others happening over the next few months:

Asian Bridal & Lifestyle Exhibition
Date: Sunday 16th January 2011
Location: Bradford Hilton Hotel

Price: £5 per adult payable on entry
Any good?: Organised by Platinum Events, they tend to put on a good fashion show with a variety of designers and styles, for an idea of what to expect check out the photos I posted from their Birmingham Bridal show held in November 2010.
Website Link: click here

Date: Sunday 13th February 2011
Location: Reading - Shehnai Banqueting Suite

Price: £5 per adult payable on entry
Any Good?: same comments as above
Website Link: click here

The Asian Bride Show 2011
Date: Saturday and Sunday the 22nd and 23rd January 2011
Location: London - Wembley Stadium

Price: Adults £10, Children (aged 5-12) £5
Any Good?: Asian Woman Magazine's sister publication Asian Bride is hosting this event so expect to see many of the designers and wedding suppliers who feature in the magazine. For an idea of the fashion show, check our the photos I posted from the 2010 Asian Bride Show.
Website Link: click here

Asian Wedding Lifestyle & Fashion Exhibition
Date: Saturday and Sunday, 26th and 27th February 2011
Location: Manchester Central (formerly GMEX)

Price: *unconfirmed* poster says tickets are free if you pick them up from a local fashion outlet and entry is £5 on the door
Any Good?: I've attended this show for the past 2 years and I'd go as far as saying it's the best the north-west of England has to offer. View my photos from the 2010 show here, and the 2009 show here.
Facebook Event Link: click here

Date: Sunday 20th March 2011
Location: Bradford - Rio Grande

Price: *unconfirmed* poster says tickets are free if you pick them up from a local fashion outlet and entry is £5 on the door
Any Good?: This is organised by the same people who are putting on the Manchester show - this is their first event in Bradford so we'll have to see if they can make it as good as the original!
Facebook Event Link: click here

Asian Celebrations Asian Wedding Exhibitions
Date: Sunday 6th February 2011
Location: Leicester City Football Club

Price: Free entry
Any Good?: From what I've seen of their Birmingham event which took place last weekend the fashion show looked good, but I haven't attended any of Asian Celebrations' events personally.
Website Link: click here

Other shows
Date: Sunday 16th February 2011
Location: Leicester Platinum Suite

Price: Free entry
Any Good?: I haven't been to any events organised by this company, but the "free" wedding shows don't tend to be as good as the paid for entry ones. Having said that, if you're local they can be well worth a visit!
Facebook Event link: click here

Date: Sunday 27th February 2011
Location: Nottingham - Goosedale Conference & Banqueting

Price: Free entry
Any Good?: this is show is organised by the same people as above so same comments apply!
Facebook Event link: click here

Date: Sunday 23rd January 2011
Location: Sunderland - Quayside Exchange

Price: Free entry
Any Good?: not sure who's organising this show, if anyone has further info please share :)
Website Link: click here (via

These are just a few of the asian wedding events I've found that are taking place over the next few months, no doubt there will be many more! If you're thinking of attending any shows and don't know what to expect, be sure to read my guide to making the most of wedding exhibitions, which you can view on the Asian Wedding Ideas site here.


  1. There all rubbish and a rip off apart from the asian a bridal show. The rest are embarrassing to watch

    Maybe they should actiall get decent models on the catwalk instead of girls who have no idea and look stupid. Asiana elite show was good probably because the models were actually models!!! Asiana bridal last year was good too catwalk show was stunning, the girls were the well known Asian models. These shows just seem like a money making quick buck scheme

  2. Anonymous - you also commented on some of the models at last year's Asian Bride Show, and judging by your views on how "short and fat" they were I'm guessing you've just commented here on this post about Asian Wedding shows to further your point!

    I really don't think you can say all wedding shows are rubbish and I don't think any of the free entry shows could be considered "a rip off" especially when you consider that some of these offer the chance to sample food from asian wedding caterers without having to put your hand in your purse.

    I appreciate that you took the time to comment and I have published your views but I really have to disagree with the you when it comes to models.


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