Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Asiana Bridal Show London 2011 - Kyles Collection

Here's the jewellery catwalk show by Kyles Collection at the London Asiana Bridal Show 2011.

Before we get to the fab jewellery photos, I wanted to share an in-store experience that I had with Kyles Collection in the Green Street showroom the day before the Asiana Show. Now in the past I've always experienced top notch customer service from the Kyles team, but sadly on this occassion I think most of the staff were busy setting up for the Asiana show meaning they were down to a minimum. I picked out a jewellery set which I liked the look of and an assistant took it out of the glass case so I could get a closer view. I love Kyles jewellery and it only took me a few minutes to decide I wanted to buy it, however the assistant was nowhere to be seen and there didn't seem to be anyone else around who could help.

Whilst I was waiting patiently at the counter for an assistant to turn up so I could pay, I decided to try the necklace on, at which point someone who I *think* was a bridal consultant told me off in a very snooty way for trying the necklace on - "you're not supposed try things on without an assistant", I put her straight and informed her that our assistant had disappeared. She eventually found a different assistant, I bought the set and I love it, but I wasn't very happy that I got told off by the snooty bridal consultant!
A word of warning to anyone else who visits - don't touch anything unless an assistant is present!

Rant over...now onto the pics!

As you migth have seen in my preview post, the main showpiece was worn by Pakistani model and former Asiana Magazine cover star Mehreen Syed.
I managed to snap a photo of the back - which I think has even more impact than the front. I'm not sure how much this would cost, or how you put it on and take it off, but judging by the prices of the other "couture" pieces by Kyles, I'd guess a minimum of £1000!
The new thing for me from Kyles in this catwalk was the mens pieces which complimented the traditional bridal jewellery (again the menswear in this section of the catwalk was by Ziggi Studio)
I think the male models are really working the look, but do you think an ordinary guy would be up for wearing jewellery like this?
Just like the Kyles Collection at the Bradford wedding show earlier on this year, they had a hijab look.
My other main observation was the back details on the necklaces - a smaller pendant which trailed down the back:

A big thanks to Rafyl Photography and J Dhillon Photography for these photos.

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