Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Khushboos by Chand 2011 Collection from Asiana Bridal Show

Khushboo's by Chand were up on the catwalk next at the 2011 Asiana Bridal Show with their collection consisting of very traditional bridal colours - reds, golds and whites.

All very pretty outfits in my opinion, but they didn't have that wow impact that I felt at their bridal collection from the 2010 Asiana Bridal Show in Birmingham (click here to view) which had a lot more colour and texture.
One trend that came through in a lot of their outfits was this style of stomach revealing tops which were open at the front but had longer (sometimes sheer) jacket-style layers. I'm not sure I like this look, but then again I'm of the opinion of either show all your stomach or don't show any at all - don't do half and half!
My other observation was the layering seen on the lehngas - I counted three layers at the bottom of the outfit above. Again I'm not totally into this look, not on the outfit above anyway, perhaps some slight colour variations to each layer might have made this lehnga a bit more appealing to me.

Overall a little disappointed with this collection, especially as in the past Khushboo's by Chand have really impressed me with their designs. What do you think?

A big thanks to Rafyl Photography and J Dhillon Photography for use of these photos.


  1. Typical no wow factor what's wrong with them this year losing the plot

  2. I think this is so dated, esp with the models holding bouques etc, nothing original, event the outfits are like 'blehhh'

  3. Well done Chand you've done it again as always very unique very different, stylish and desirable designs can be seen in all your collections outfits. As time changes so does fashion but some people are just stuck in their own little world and can't appreciate today's and the futures outstanding styles & gorgeous designs you always bring out. Keep up your good work, thumps up to you mate ;-)

  4. The bouquets are very much in trend as almost every asian bride uses them now, so it makes sense to feature them. Layering a dress seems a very good way of adding depth to a dress without overshadowing the complete look by introducing different colours to each layer as can be seen above. As a whole i think the designs are very pleasing and have matured well and the overall look to me atleast seems more upmarket and regal than those featured last year, which dare i say it were at times a little crude.

  5. having attended many a fashion show in my time i have to say you heads and shoulders above all and sundry .let the haters hate and fly high as allah will always protect you .you go CHAND


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