Thursday, 17 February 2011

Sonas Couture at the Asiana Bridal Show 2011

From what I've seen of Sonas Couture in Asiana Magazine, I was looking forward to their catwalk show at the 2011 Asiana Bridal Show...their first outfit certainly made a big impression, but not the right one for me!
Is it me, or does this dress make the very slim model look pregnant?! Too much volume and ruffles around the stomach, and I wasn't really feeling the gold and grey colour theme. This outfit really put me off Sonas and it was then followed by this crazy print menswear piece which I didn't like very much either:

It got a little bit better with the rest of the collection:
What do you think of the genie style/harem trouser style bottoms worn with this outfit? I think they look a bit odd.

These last 3 outfits were my favourites, I like the colour choices, especially the bold orange in the final outfit - a look that would suit an outdoor summer wedding:

A big thanks to Rafyl Photography and J Dhillon Photography for these photos.


  1. Gia says...
    I am getting married this year and I went to see the Asiana Bridal Fashion show and totally disagree with your comments. Infact, I would go as far as to say that Sonas collection was the only one worth seeing. Sonas Couture had a very original collection. My favourite outfit was the Anarkali with the harem pants, something I may order for my Mehndi party. Keep up the good work Sonas.

  2. Sara said....
    I agree, amazing to see a bit of originality in the Asian market. I've been into Sonas Couture, extremely impressed with both her womenswear and menswear floor. A boutique to definately be visited!!

  3. where is sonas couture?

  4. Am i the only one who thinks some of these designs are Manish Malhotra rip offs? :s

  5. Seema said,
    Absolutely love Sonas Coutures collection. Her style, fabrics and colour combinations speak for itself. Really enjoyed watching her segment of the show!!

  6. wow. would be recommending my clients to this article and sonas coultures. loved her designs. great job. monica

  7. I understand that Sonas Coture are designer and what some might say "exclusive" however, the are a complete rip off. A LITERALLY plain black silk surta for £695 - I'd hate to imagine the rpices for the heavely embellished sherwanis and women bridal wear. Come on, Gucci is even cheaper!

  8. I bought a saree from Sonas and it's the worst shopping experience from my wedding. She was extremely rude when my blouse fitting wasn't right and actually blamed it on the material. Soo glad I only bought I item from here ...wouldnt recommend it to anyone


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