Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Chaal Shoes 4 You at the 2011 Manchester Asian Wedding Show

If like, me you thought "Chaal Shoes 4 You" just sold shoes, then you were wrong! I'm wondering if they started off as purely a shoe shop - hence the name, and then branched into clothes too. Either way, they were another one of the fashion show exhibitors at the 2011 Manchester Asian Lifestyle Wedding and Fashion Exhibition.

I wasn't exactly wowed by their lehngas, but their trouser suits, like the one above I found quite interesting - not sure if the hint of animal print really works but I like the gold detail around the neck.

I'm a bit torn overall about whether I like these or not, I don't think they look terrible but I think they could look better had the styling been improved upon.
Has anyone shopped for clothes at Chaal Shoes 4 You, leave a comment and let us know your thoughts.


  1. Add chaal on facebook!

  2. yup i have they've got lots of really nyc stuff for mens defoo. got my wedding shopping done from here. Really nyc people specially the uncle was very helpful. mum and sister bought some shoes to along with a dress all loved by other family members and at the wedding 9 out 10.


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