Sunday, 6 March 2011

Gul's Style close the show at the Asiana 2011 Bridal Exhibition

Gul's Style closed the show at the Asiana Bridal Show 2011 catwalk, and they had almost everything - partywear/guest outfits, registry-worthy gowns, pastels, reds and lots of colour. I think the only thing missing was menswear!

The finale outfit was of course modelled by Mehreen Syed in this tiara headpiece. This outfit is defintely a bold choice and part of me likes the fact that there is such a mixture of colours, layers and textures, but the other part of me thinks that an ordinary non-model bride might get lost in such an outfit. In terms of the styling, usually I'm all for hair accessories, but I don't like this tiara at all!

My personal favourite from the this vast range of outfits would probably be this maxi dress/gown below. The photos is a bit blurry but I think it has that crazy mix of colours without going over the top like the finale outfit.
A big thanks to Rafyl Photography for these photos.

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  1. To be honest i would not personally rate him any stars. The reason why I am saying this is because he is one rude guy. My sister ordered a suit from him which was being made in Pakistan via himself. He does not listen to what you have to say, My sister requested for her dress to be filled but he did not do this he turned around and said to her the reason why i didnt fill your dress is because it would have made you look fat? hang on a secound my sister requested this so why didnt he do it? sje wanted it and payed alot of money! was it a way to save money and to con us? i certainly think it was. He sets the suit to be ready for a certain date but he did not meet this. My sister waited over 4-5 weeks more!! overall i would not recommend this place as he does not her the work done on time and is a totally rude man therefore i personally wouldnt go to his shop ever again.


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